Thursday, October 6, 2011

Local Musicians Say 2AM Is Never Too Late

TRENTON-- Local musicians James Royale and Andre 'Ballsey' Howlen release new album, 2 AM. 2AM is an eclectic LP that reflects the ups and downs of both musicians lives.

From speaking to both musicians, creating the album was truly a labor of love and as such it took a significant time to complete.

2AM is both artists first feature record. These Trenton natives have described the LP as both raw and unimaginable in that it breaks entirely new ground by expressing real pain and providing an authentic soulful sound. Both horn players say the jazz album silences the critics and disarms the cynics who said they could not do it. Both artists say the album speaks to bona fide music lovers.

Howlen and Royale have performed at venues the likes of the city's well-known Cafe International, Maxine's, Fat Cats, Rider University, among other places. 2AM was recorded and produced by Carmen. The 12 track album is now for sale. For more information, call 609-414-0512 or email

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