Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Day in the City of Trenton

TRENTON-- Ladies and gents the mayoral and city council races are now things of the past. Indeed, the ballots have been counted, the parties have been had, and lo and behold, Tony Mack's era has finally ended. Mayoral elect Eric Jackson takes the throne July 1. It's a new day in the city of Trenton, or at least, we would hope so.

To be sure, the last thing Trenton needs right now, is politics as usual. No more corruption. No more pay-to-play politics. We need elected officials that uphold the highest degree of ethical standards. Alas, the city cries out for a new brand of leadership. A brand of leadership that knows how to honestly acknowledge the peaks and valleys we face, but still has a bold and compelling vision to get us to the mountaintop. A brand of leadership with a practical step by step plan to make things better. A brand of leadership that knows how to enlist the help of others. A brand of leadership that solicits the thoughts and ideas of the people to make the overall community better.

I sincerely hope that Eric Jackson and the new council members will demonstrate some of these qualities of leadership. Lord knows we need them to. Yet at the same time, we as everyday citizens have a responsibility to play here. We bear the responsibility of holding our elected officials accountable for their action or inaction on issues that are matter to us. Indeed, we cannot sit idly by while our great yet beleaguered city crumbles. I know its hard to stay involved and engaged in the everyday politics of our city, please believe me, I know, I work two jobs, and go to school, so I hear you. But we as everyday citizens can be leaders in our own right as well. We can set a positive example by simply going to work everyday, taking care of ourselves and our families, voting, reading, staying active, etc. There's no reason we can't be a part of the solution.

I know what you may be thinking, I don't know where to start, but trust me, there is wisdom and truth in the saying that even a thousand mile journey always starts with the first step. My first step may be volunteering, your first step may be mentoring a child. Another's first step may be cleaning up their block once a week. The options are endless, but I hope you get my underlying point which is to say that the choice is yours and mine.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet the Candidates Trenton Style Starts With Christine Donahue

TRENTON- - With the mayoral and city council elections quickly approaching, one recognizes how important it is to sit down with some of the candidates running for public office in the city of Trenton to learn more about them and their ideas for making a Trenton a better place to live, work, and play.

Check out the first video with Council At Large Candidate Christine Donahue below:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Anwar's Reflections Celebrates 100,000 Pageviews

TRENTON-- Recently, this blog surpassed 100,000 page views and I thought this was a perfect time to do what I love to do...REFLECT. Man oh man, its a beautiful thing to say that this blog went from having literally no page views or hits to now having 100,000 hits. Its a great feeling indeed, to build something when others doubted you.

When this blog first started out, I heard people say, 'who's gonna read that?' 'no one cares about that'. But I never let the naysayers stop me from doing what I love doing... writing and blogging.

Now don't get it twisted, I am not saying this blog is perfect, it still has a long way to go, but at the same time, I know its not where it used to be. For those that don't already know the history, originally, this blog started out as an interview series with local business owners and entrepreneurs. I interviewed people at places like the Hummingbird Restaurant, Amefikas, Cafe International, and Classics Bookstore, to name just a few.

Now it goes without saying that some of these small businesses have since folded up, but nonetheless a great deal of insight was received through interviewing these bright and talented business-people. Indeed, I learned a great deal about the unique challenges and opportunities that small business owners face in launching and sustaining a business and I'm truly glad that I shared this information with you guys, the readers.

From there, this blog branched out into the realm of political and social forums. I and others convened at the Trenton Public Library and Mercer County Community College to discuss some pretty important issues affecting both the city and the state. And in the process, I learned a lot about politics, blogging, social media, and most importantly, the community I belong to.

Going forward, my goal is to resume the interview series and pick up where I left off. However, I have to acknowledge that I do want to take the interview series in altogether different direction. This time around, I want to conduct interviews that will be more socially relevant in nature. I have ambitious hopes to interview thought leaders like US Senator Cory Booker, President Barack Obama, and Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons, to name just a few. I know what you're saying, I know what you're saying, but, trust me, stay tuned for more to come...