Saturday, August 10, 2019

ESWA Fights For Change

TRENTON- Over the years I've come across a number of local organizations that are doing some very positive things. Men of HOPE, Father's and Men United for a Better Trenton, TSPAG (Trenton Special Parents Advocacy Group), and Catholic Charities are just a few that I have encountered and have helped a lot of people including my family. But just recently, I have connected with a volunteer organization of a different type and that organization's name is Eastern Service Workers Association or ESWA for short.

This all-volunteer run organization that takes no government funding and is working diligently to change economic conditions for the lowest paid workers (i.e. individuals that do domestic, temporary, seasonal or warehouse work that often times can't afford health care and other basic needs due to poverty).

One way that ESWA addresses it's members poverty conditions is by offering an 11 point benefit plan
that is run and managed by volunteer members of the organization. The benefit plan is free of charge and provides members with access to food, clothing, advocacy to prevent electricity shutoffs, medical and legal informational sessions, etc. The benefit plan however is not a long term solution to the poverty conditions that members face but it is a method that helps members get the basic things that they need that can enable them to come together and organize to fundamentally change their economic conditions.

Currently, the organization is working on it's Back to School Drive as many of it's members struggle with covering the cost for school supplies.

The organization is always looking for more part time and full time volunteers. There are a variety of ways you can help. Every Saturday the organization does it's door to door canvass in Trenton to get an idea of what issues workers are facing and how ESWA can help. On Wednesdays, the organization does it's advocacy sessions for members to help them with electricity shutoffs. On other days, the organization does mail outs, poster design, newspaper design and phoning sessions. In other words, there are multiple ways to help. Even if you have little to no experience volunteering, it is okay, ESWA has both part time and full time organizers that will be there with you to provide you with on the job training.

For more information on how you can get involved, feel free to call the office at 609-695-9562. Or you can stop by the office located at 6 W End Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey seven days a week.

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