This blog is dedicated to celebrating the unique world of small business in Trenton and surrounding areas. We also provide local artists, activists, and entertainers an opportunity to highlight their unique gifts. To do this, we have begun an interview series with small business owners and others. In this interview series, we plan to discuss what these individuals do, how they set themselves apart from competitors, and also what they do with regard to internet marketing and green technology.

ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS Mission Statement And Core Values
To provide the community at large with information that is not only accurate and timely but more importantly useful. We are committed to creating, collecting, and distributing high-quality news and information that seeks to enhance society.

At ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS, we strive to embody the following values:
  • Authenticity: ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS strives to remain true to its purpose and mission statement in all of its dealings.
  • Integrity: ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS strives to uphold ethical conduct in all of its business affairs, news writing, and interaction with the public at large.
  • Accuracy: ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS strives to ensure that each and every story we publish is factually accurate and verified to be true.
  • Transparency: ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS strives to be fully open and honest with the public at large regarding all of its blog content and material.


With ANWAR'S REFLECTIONS, you will receive:
·        A great opportunity to promote what you do on the TRENTONIAN'S website, in the Blog Center.
·        Affordable Advertising.
·        Greater exposure to reach new clients and customers.