Sunday, November 6, 2011


TRENTON-- Area residents head to Mercer County Community College (MCCC) downtown at their James Kerney Campus to be a part of The Love of Neighbor Caravan. The event was hosted by MCCC Professor Alvyn Haywood. 

In a press release, it was stated that, "The Love of Neighbor Caravan was created to foster better human communications, more informed civic engagement, and to help cultivate a social environment where each individual can reach their full God-Given potential". 

The Caravan has many parts or components to it. Saturday's event was one among many to come.

This past Saturday, the Caravan, had a panel discussion addressing issues involving education, hip hop, career development, etc.

Members of the panel represented different walks of life. On the panel were Eric Watson, Professor of History at MCCC, Dr. Renee Walker, CEO Hope, Glynis Tart, Carmine Lamarca, Patrick Hall, and William Mackson. 

During the presentation, music was performed by Tiger Mic aka William E. Mackson, area author, and Bill Baylor, longtime musician and producer.

Later, Trenton native Errick Wiggins was recognized for his service to the community. He was the recipient of the Ally For Humanity award.

Members of the audience offered their feedback regarding the presentation.

Kyla Scott, a Trenton resident, brought her niece and nephew with her and said, she enjoyed the program because it is important to help out in your community, she said its all about 'each one, teach one'.

Another Trenton resident, Shaneek, said she works with the city doing outreach work and came out to gather information on how to develop resources on how to bring the community together and help children.

She went on to say that the takeaway message she received from the event is that, "unity is power and if you have a passion for what you love, the sky is the limit". Shaneek also mentioned how well the event was publicized on social networks like Facebook.

Sa Mut A. Scott, a Trenton resident who teaches yoga said that the presentation was "fabulous". She went on to say that she walked away from the Caravan recognizing that "there are people in our communities that are trying to make a difference. There are several people that you don't hear about in the mainstream media who are in fact working hands on with the children of the inner cities and that is very optimistic and hopeful for us".

One of the panelist said, CEO Hope, said that the one takeaway message he received from the Caravan was that "everybody plays a part, everybody brings something to the table when it comes to community development".  He went on to say that members of City Council should have came out because their presence was needed to represent their individual wards.The next Love of Neighbor Caravan is scheduled December 10, 2011. 

For more information, please contact the host Tim Razzac at (609) 379-2885 or you can email him at

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