Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fathers and Men Put Food On The Plate This Thanksgiving

TRENTON-- Cases of cranberry sauce, loads of turkeys, and plenty of stuffing were all on display Wednesday morning at the Lighthouse Outreach Center in West Trenton as a local community organization prepared Thanksgiving baskets for families in the city.

Fathers and Men United for a Better Trenton, a non-profit organization in the community, put together 90 baskets this year. Last year, the group handed out 80 baskets.

The Trenton based community group has been giving out Thanksgiving baskets every year for the past five years. Various community organizations helped make this year's Thanksgiving basket give-out possible.

Mercer County Freeholder Sam Frisbee, Turning Point Church, Lighthouse Outreach Center, Beauty Grove Church, Sister Barbara Counts, the City Employees Union, all made donations and helped out.

Members of Fathers' will be hand delivering the Thanksgiving packages Wednesday afternoon just before Turkey Day tomorrow.

They said they received a call from the police department just yesterday informing them that a family with a 8 year old baby was in need. As a result, they will be making sure that family receives a basket as well so they can have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Fathers and Men co-founder, Wayne Council, said that putting these baskets together is our way of giving back. He said, "gratitude is our attitude", that's why we do this every year".

Members of the group said they don't limit their assistance to Thanksgiving, they also provide gloves and hats around Christmas time, along with other acts of community involvement.

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