Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trenton's MOB Kids Have Plans To Win

LAWRENCE-- Trenton youth head to Rider University to engage in a business plan competition Thursday evening. These local teenagers are part of Rider University's College of Business Administration program called Minding Our Business (MOB). During this summer program, middle school aged Trenton youth are taught the importance of entrepreneurship and business. This is the program's fifteenth year in existence. 

During the competition, one student, Patience, showed the audience of parents, friends, and family her fashion business. Another student, Tyrek Ware, had a rib and kabob business plan. Another student, Sierra, sold tutu dresses for young ladies. Another student, Ryan, was in the business of selling candied apples for those with a sweet tooth. While yet another student, Wilmarilys, was all about providing customers with all sorts of unique jewelry. 

One by one, Trenton youngsters went on stage to demonstrate their presentations skills and articulate their business plans. Each MOB student took questions from the panel of judges on hand Thursday evening. Judges represented companies all the way from Sam's Club, Wal Mart to Capitol City Contracting. During the Q&A session, one student was asked what was in his secret sauce, but he responded that he was sworn to secrecy because he didn't want to lose his competitive advantage.

This year, the program received its largest donation from Wal-Mart in the amount of $43,000. 

A Liberian girl by the name of Patience eventually walked away with the first prize of $125, other MOB students walked away with $50 gift cards. 
For more information on how to get involved please contact Dr. Sigfrido Hernandez at 609-895-5509.

Please see videos below:


  1. Good job! The videos of the student presentations are very good! We'll play them for the Summer II students tomorrow morning.

    Thank you so much!

    Dr. Hernandez

  2. Anwar:
    It is very interesting to compare your interview with Patience, the Business Plan Competition winner, on the first day with your interview after she won the competition. There's some growth there!

  3. Doc,

    Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean when it comes to the growth I saw with Patience. Its funny because who would have known, the first person I interview ends up winning the competition.


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