Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rider U Students Run For A Worthy Cause

Rider University students at last years Run Over Violence 5K Run.
Event Name: Rider Runners
Event Location: Rider University
2083 Lawrenceville Road
Lawrenceville, New Jersey, 08648
For More Info Please Contact: Louis Chebetar
(914) 572 - 5129

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. - Its that time of the year, get your running shoes ready because Rider University is hosting its Third Annual Run Over Violence 5K run. The event will be hosted by the on campus club, Rider Runners. The event is scheduled to start at 9am this Sunday on the Lawrenceville Campus.

The event’s primary purpose is to raise awareness of domestic violence as well as gather donations through Womanspace for the cause of both sheltering and rehabilitating those who have been subjected to domestic violence. However as the event has grown each year the 5K has also become a place for people to network and promote their club through co-sponsorship. Rider Runners over the past two years has aimed to create an event in which both on and off campus organizations could network, bond, and promote their group.

Rider Runner’s current President, Louis Chebetar said, “In seeking both large outside sponsorship as well as diversifying our sponsors on campus we have created a huge networking opportunity.”

The Run Over Violence 5K’s registration will start at 9am where people can mingle and network up to the start of the race which is at 10am. The award ceremony will be at 11am, those who choose to stay around can continue to meet and greet with the many organizations involved in this year’s 5K.

Between the on campus clubs such as LDP, On Fire, MASA, Law Society, JPCS, as well as the off campus businesses and organizations such as Deloitte, PNC, Americans for Financial Independence, Princeton Running Company, Road ID, and more the 5K has raised over $2,000 and expect to raise even more on the day of the event.

Rider Runners is a Rider University club sport on campus whose mission is to provide a supportive environment for those who wish to pursue running and fitness as well as being involved with their community’s 5K events.

For more information about getting involved with Rider Runners or registering for the Run Over Violence 5K please contact Louis Chebetar at or (914) 572-5129.


  1. A marathon provides the city with a platform to come together in a celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers. It brings together the common man, the corporate czar, the politician, the socialite and the physically challenged onto one platform. It is an event that stirs the conscience of every citizen, encouraging them to reach out in aid of a cause or charity.

  2. They say nothing in life is free anymore, but the organizers of the Hyundai Fun Run beg to differ. With all the races out there, and a lot of organizations and brands joining in the bandwagon, it doesn't take a genius to realize that there's money to be made in the running boom.

  3. Run for a cause,

    Thank you for your comment and for checking out the blog.


  4. Go to the website of the National Foundation for Cancer Research and click on the banner. That’s all. In exchange they receive one dollar from their advertiser. Forward this message to as much people as you can. That way, you too help to make this world a better place to live.

  5. The purpose of the Heart and Sole Cancer Walk/Run is to raise money to help those with cancer. The monies raised by the Heart and Sole Cancer Walk/Run stays local.

  6. The purpose of the Heart and Sole Cancer Walk/Run is to raise money to help those with cancer. The monies raised by the Heart and Sole Cancer Walk/Run stays local.