Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outspoken Political Activist DARYL BROOKS Weighs In On The Issues Of Today

TRENTON- Today, Anwar's Reflections sat down with political activist and founder of the hard-hitting political blog, Today's News NJ, Daryl Brooks, at the Marriott Hotel located in the heart of Downtown Trenton. Brooks and I spoke for an hour and ended up discussing a variety of topics, including the role of city government, state politics, national affairs and much more.

Brooks, a Tea Party member, strongly believes in reforming the criminal justice system, rooting out corruption in political life, and improving conditions in communities like Trenton. His blog, Today's News NJ, can be found exclusively at Below you will find clips of Anwar's Reflections interview with outspoken political activist Daryl Brooks:

Brooks discusses the possible reconstruction or renovation of Trenton Central High School and offers thoughts on Mayor Mack's recent State of the City Address:

Brooks discusses the criminal justice system and the controversial case involving a 7 year old girl that was allegedly raped in Rowan Towers last year:

Brooks goes on to discuss the Christie administration's fiscal policy and US involvement in Libya:

Lastly, Brooks explores possibilities for the future:


  1. Wow, we need a brother like this in Trenton city hall...

  2. This guy is a complete idiot. You should have asked him about his stint in jail...

  3. Brooks is too radical for Trenton politics. He needs to tone down his rhetoric if he ever expects to rise in the world of Trenton politics. However, the city needs Brooks when it comes to keeping the Trenton political machine accountable for their actions.

  4. Brooks, maybe the sharpest black in politics in mercer county. Not to sure about the tea party thing..

  5. Let's make this guy the new mayor he will fight for the city...