Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nazi's March to Statehouse But Trentonian's Aren't Having It

Members of the Neo-Nazi March
TRENTON-- Just when you thought the Nazi's were a thing of the past, they surprisingly come back but just under another name, the Neo-Nazi Party. Saturday afternoon, members of the Neo-Nazi party convened at the state house to protest high taxes, illegal immigration, and crime. Supporters of their movement suggest that they have a right to free speech. Opponents of the Neo-Nazi march suggest quite the contrary. They argue that their message promotes hatred and bigotry.

During the Neo-Nazi protest, individuals waved flags with Nazi insignia which provoked strong protest from by members of the Trenton community, students from the College of New Jersey (TCNJ), and the New Black Panther Party, among others. Anti-racism activists were vocal about their opposition as the videos below will indicate.

Members of the New Black Panther Party
To access the Nazi March, individuals had to go through metal detectors and be padded down by state troopers. On site, there were a great deal of police officers, both city and state.
New Black Panther Party spokesperson, Divine Allah, was recorded saying that having this many police on hand was a clear waste of tax payer money. At one point during the protest, Allah said that he and the New Black Panther Party are against white supremacy, police brutality, miseducation, and poverty.

In the first video, we have an individual that spoke out against the Neo-Nazi party March during the protest:

In the second, we find New Black Panther Party spokesperson, Divine Allah, spelling out what he and his organization stand against:

In the third video, we find Allah thanking white folks for coming out to protest against the Neo-Nazi's but also challenging them as well:

In the fourth video, we find College of New Jersey students protesting:

In the fifth video, we find David, a member of the Trenton community, expressing concern about the poor turnout for the protest:

In the sixth video, a member of the community, speaks out:

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