Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Local Firebrand Takes Another Shot At Public Office

TRENTON-- Local activist makes yet another bid for U.S. Senate this November. Longtime Trenton resident and political firebrand Daryl Brooks sat down with Anwar's Reflections--  a Trentonian affiliate-- to discuss his candidacy Tuesday afternoon.

During the nearly one hour interview, Brooks spoke about issues like education, jobs, and immigration.

The political malcontent took no time in calling out a number of community leaders and activists for what he deemed to be their failure in addressing issues like crime, education, jobs, and prisons.

From West Ward Councilman Zachary Chester to Trentonian talk show host Darren Freedom Green, Brooks took no prisoners as he spoke about the city's crisis of leadership. Brooks went on to say that these leaders are too busy singing, dancing, and having 'cookouts' to tackle today's problems. He said today's leaders are weak and "have no ideas".

Aside from the community's woes, Brooks also spoke about two hallmarks of his political campaign, immigration and education.

The outspoken activist is no stranger to running for political office. In the past, he ran two senate campaigns that proved unsuccessful. Over the year's, the local activist's political career has been marred by a 1995 conviction for lewdness, endangerment of a child, and assault. At that time, Trenton, NJ police and prosecutors claimed that Brooks flashed two adolescent aged girls. Since day one, Brooks has maintained his innocence.

After being released from prison, Brooks published an audiobook chronicling his life. Over the years, the Trenton activist has made it a point to fight for issues affecting the prison industrial complex, violence, and other forms of injustice. He is currently a member of the Tea Party and has affiliations with Occupy the Hood NJ and Occupy Trenton.

For more information on Brooks or his campaign, visit his website by clicking here.

Please see the video below to see Brooks take to task community leaders: 

For access to the entire interview, click below:

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