Saturday, June 18, 2011

Military Vets Hit The Road Father's Day Weekend

HAMILTON- Tube socks, $5.99, silk tie, $29.99, a pair of shiny golf clubs, $299.99, taking your dad on a road trip to Washington D.C. for a chance to be a part of history... priceless. Saturday morning, Anwar's Reflections visited the local Kmart in Hamilton Township, New Jersey where disabled military veterans and their families came together to hitch a ride to the nation's capitol with their eyes set on visiting the historic World War II memorial along with the Korean War Memorial and a pit stop at the American Legion. 

The trip was sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization along with the VFW Hall. In total, there were around 25 of our nation's heroes on hand. Some in wheelchairs, others still able bodied. Yet they were all donning their specially made hats with embroidery indicating Korea and World War II to symbolize the wars they fought in. 

When I arrived on the scene, I was greeted by Mr. John Kerrigan, a spokesperson for the Disabled American Veterans organization. He said the event was a great way to honor the veterans. Steve Lawrence, a future soldier was also on site to offer support to the veterans and take in the rich history surrounding the event. He said, "This is a learning experience. Its quite humbling to see all these vets here. They fought for our country". 

The veterans on site were gracious enough to share their stories. One veteran, Harold Grupon, said he was involved in the invasion of Okinowa. He went on to say that while on radar pick up patrol one day, he and his crew destroyed a magnetic mine while fighting in World War II.

Another veteran, Robert Groce, said that he was going on the trip "just to be around the fellas". Groce was wounded three times during combat while fighting in Korea. Joe Wingate, another Korean War veteran, said that he went on the bus trip to be with his comrades. Wingate is a recipient of two bronze stars and a purple heart. Below you will find interviews with some of the members of the trip:

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