Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trenton Mayor Shares His Story

TRENTON– A story of adversity and perseverance was on display Wednesday afternoon at the Triumphant Life Community Church in East Trenton. Mayor Tony Mack was on hand to do a public reading of his new book, Detours to Destiny: Life Under Construction. Excerpts of the autobiographical book were read. Mack spoke before a crowd of around 30 spectators. In a press release, it was stated by the online committee--Stand By Tony--that the new book is a roadmap of obstacles and triumphs. During his presentation Mack discussed a variety of things including his deceased father-- Thomas Mack. The mayor told a vivid tale of his father being hanged in Jefferson County Georgia Jail. 

Mack also went on to mention his upbringing in the city's Wilbur Section. He spoke about growing up poor and overcoming obstacles. Mack also recounted his college days at Howard University where he met by chance hip hop mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs.  

Mack also said that he was inspired to write the book due in part to reading President Obama's two book-- the Audacity to Hope and Dreams of My Father. He went on to say that he started writing the book for 4 years ago. According to Mack, he wrote it because of the tough times so many people are having. He said, "whether its economics, or whether its not having a job. I wanted people to know that despite all of your adversities, despite of all the ups and downs, despite the criticisms, in spite of what people might think you can become, you can achieve, that is the moral of this book". 

The mayor took questions from the media. He was asked whether the release of this book had anything to do with recent news that there is a committee forming to recall him from office. The mayor insisted that releasing the book at this time had nothing to do with the recall effort and that he had been planning to release the book a while ago. 

Linda Ransom of Trenton said she came to the event because she is an avid Mack supporter. She went on to say that Trenton cannot be changed overnight and that the Committee to Recall Mayor Tony F. Mack should take that energy they have to get 9,800 signatures and put into making a difference in the city of Trenton. Ronald Carter-- a city man-- said that he is a supporter of Tony Mack and that despite the mayor making some mistakes while in office he deserves a chance to correct those mistakes. 

Cleve Christie, a city man, said that he attended the book reading because he supports Mayor Mack.Christie went on to say that the accomplishments the mayor has achieved outweigh the setbacks or missteps that have occurred. Community activist Dion Clark stated that everyone has a story but this book doesn't address the issues facing Trenton. He said, "I could probably sell a few books myself, but that does not do anything about his [Mayor Mack's] property not being taken care of in the Wilbur Section. After the house caught on fire seven years ago, he did not fix up the property, the property needs to be bulldozed. This is what makes a ghetto. Dilapidated buildings, the blight, the crime". 

Clark went on to say that as a leader and a landlord, why hasn't the mayor taken care of these issues. He said Mack is from Wilbur Section, but he's not being part of the solution. People are saying that if he [Mayor Mack] doesn't take care of his own property, why should I take care of my property". 

The book is scheduled to be released to the public sometime in September. The mayor indicated that the publisher is currently unknown and that he is currently working with two different publishers to see which one he will choose. 

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