Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tyrone Chrome Miller: POSSIBLY America's Worst Cook

Entertainer Name: Tyrone Chrome Miller
Entertainer Facebook Page:!/TYRONECHROMEMILLER
Entertainer Contact Information:
To catch Tyrone in action, simply tune into the Food Network Sunday nights at 9 pm EST/ 8 central time.

Today, I sat down with rap artist, comedian, and reality show star Tyrone Chrome Miller. Miller, a native son from the Mercer County area, has truly created his own lane. From interviewing him and viewing his work, I have to say that Miller is serious and has a passion for entertainment, something sorely needed right now. From his background in rap music  to his well-known work in reality television, Miller has surely developed a name for himself. He has worked with Trentonian writer Jeff Edelstein and is affiliated with the Food Network's show, America's Worst Cooks. He continues to perform and showcase his unique talent at various venues. You can catch him every Sunday on the Food Network on Amerca's Worst Cooks. Trust me, you don't want to miss Mr. Miller in action, he is hysterical. Below you will find a copy of Anwar's Reflections exclusive interview with Tyrone Chrome Miller:

AGS: First off, can you tell our listeners out there a little bit about what you do?
I'm a entertainer who has rapped, acted, been on over 15 TV shows, won a reality show, worked in the music buisness, created my own cable access show..

AGS: What is your background? How long have you been in entertainment?
I have a background in rap music. I started rapping in 2001...and that started me on the journey I'm on now..

AGS: What motivated you to start working in entertainment? 
I was always a class clown...and a free spirit so it made best freind the sensation (Luc) told me I should because I'm a star..

AGS: Where did the name come from, is Chrome your real middle name? 
Luc gave me the name he said I always was shining...

AGS: In your own words, what makes Tyrone Chrome Miller stand out as an entertainer?

What makes me stand out is my realness. I am who I am, faults and all. I can laugh at anything, including myself. I am very genuine...

AGS: Did you face any challenges when starting your career? If so, how did you overcome those challenges?

The only challenges I had was learning how to take rejection and failure...I lost rapping on 106 and Park and took all types of ridicule but I would not let that define me or my career.

AGS: How do you advertise or promote what you do? 
Most times I am on a national network and they promote it I don't have to promote, but if its local I do it solely thru social networking (i.e. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter) 

AGS: Have you taken advantage of internet marketing at all? If so, how effective do you think this advertising method is? If not, how interested are you in learning more about internet marketing?

I think internet marketing is the most cost effective way to promote.. all my events in the Trenton area were promoted solely thru internet marketing...

AGS: Being that you're an entrepreneur yourself, what advice, if any, would you give an up and coming entrepreneur that wants to succeed as well?

The best advice I could give is have a plan and stick to consistent and keep your word. Also outworking the competition works most times.

AGS: Will you give us another interview one from now so we can follow upon your progress?

Absolutely I would love too. I support you and everything your doing bro...keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight....

AGS: Thank you very much for your time. 

AGS is an acronym for the author and founder of Anwar's Reflections, Anwar G. Salandy.

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