Monday, November 25, 2013

Trenton...What If???

What if....

What if Trenton re-opened all five public libraries?

What if Trenton had more jobs than people?

What if Trenton had low property taxes?

What if you didn't need to ask the circulation desk for toilet paper at the Trenton Public Library?

What if the city's crime rate wasn't so high?

What if our city's mayor wasn't under federal investigation?

What if young people felt safe going to school?

What if Trenton Central High School wasn't in deplorable condition?

What if there were more churches in Trenton than liquor stores?

What if the city's Marriott didn't need a bailout?

What if the city's youth didn't loiter in front of different small businesses?

What if Trenton High had a 100% graduation rate?

What if Trenton had incentives to attract small business and aspiring entrepreneurs?

As a blogger here in the city of Trenton, I like many others am left with a lot of 'what if's'... but you know what, deep in my heart, I do believe that Trenton can get better, I can imagine a different Trenton, a Trenton where people can feel safe, work, get a high quality education, have a good time, and do business... what about you? Can you imagine a different Trenton? 

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