Saturday, November 24, 2012

Youth Are In Search For Solutions

TRENTON-- With recent news reports indicating that Mayor Mack is still under investigation by the FBI and with violent crime still plaguing our streets, the city finds itself in quite a quagmire. Marches, rallies, vigils, and summits have all been tried, but issues remain. The State Police has even stepped in to work with the City Police Department to help patrol the streets since a third of the city's police force was laid off last year due to budget constraints according to the Trentonian.

At a recent City Council meeting, community activist Duncan Harrison has called for hiring part-time police officers to address the city's violent crime. While others have advocated for a reduction in the mayor's pay since things have not turned around for the better since Mack was inaugurated in 2010. At that same City Council meeting, an impassioned city women and concerned mother said that she and others were more than willing to be of service when it comes to volunteering with the children in the community.

Needless to say, there is a lot of talk circulating, but what about solutions. As the city grapples with its reported 22 homicides, concerned residents like Jasi Edwards have put together a Youth Pep Rally that promises to be different than previous rallies. Edwards says that "this time our elders will not speak, the youth will speak so everyone has a sense of what's on our minds being that it's not our elders that are doing the crimes, it is our peers; people in our age group".

The event is scheduled to be held Sunday, December 2nd from 3 to 6 pm at the CYO East State Street Center, located at 794 East State Street.

According to a press release, Edwards and other young folks in the community seek "to help decrease the gun violence and crimes in our historic city by committing ourselves to getting programs back into our schools and community centers; also, opening businesses in Trenton to create more employment for our city’s residents".

During the event, there will be guest speakers and live performances by the community's youth. General admission is $5. Children 3 and under can attend for free.

For more information on the event or how to get involved, contact Jasi Edwards at 609.356.2337 or by email

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