Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trenton Artists Hold All Night Fundraiser

TRENTON-- Spray paint, welding, and artistic creativity were all on display this weekend as a local community organization held a fundraiser at their facility on Allen Street in Trenton.

In the hopes of keeping the arts alive at the Allen Street facility, Trenton Atelier, a group of artists that create artwork and functional objects from mainly recycled materials, decided to hold a fundraiser called the 'Atelethon' this past weekend in response to a possible eviction from the Sheriff's office.

Last night, members from all around the community stopped by to enjoy the music, art, and live performances. In addition to the festivities, artwork was also on sale. Any and all donations and contributions the group received will go toward the organization's efforts to either stay in their current location or move to a new one. Any artwork sales will go directly to the artists themselves.

After stopping by Sunday afternoon and speaking with Will Kasso, an artist and member of the Trenton Atelier, he said that they had not reached their fundraising goal, but that they were not giving up. He went on to say that despite not reaching their goal, the group will continue fundraising activities.

The group uses the Allen Street facility to "share ideas, tools, utilities and many many meals" according to their website.

To learn more about Trenton Atelier and the Atelethon, you can contact them at (609) 396-9936 or check them out on Facebook by clicking here.

Please see video below:

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  1. S.K.O.E?minati(Rocky)June 10, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    This was one of the most creative, inspirational, and uplifting events in this city of Trenton. My daughter and I are proud to be apart of helping out anyway that we could. Let's keep supporting and give all artists an outlet like The Atelier,to keep the creative and positive enrgy flowing through the innercity. Peace! SKOEDREAMS Holistic Health Services