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TRANSFORM CONSULTANTS: Taking People's Abilities & Events to the Next Level in the 21st Century

Company Name: Transform Consultants
CEO Name: Kimani H. Davis
Contact Information: 609-638-0149
CEO of Transform Consultants Kimani H. Davis

Okay, so you're looking at your small business and saying to yourself, 'how do I grow?', 'how can I build upon the success I already have and take my business to the next level?' Well, entrepreneur Kimani H. Davis is glad you asked because he has the answer the for you. Today, Anwar's Reflections was fortunate enough to sit down with the CEO of Transform Consultants, Kimani H. Davis. Having been in business since for 11 years now, Davis is well-versed in the art of consulting. He takes pride in helping others take their businesses take the next level. Below you will find a copy of Anwar's Reflections exclusive interview with CEO Kimani H. Davis both in audio and written formats:

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 AGS: What is the name of your business and what do you do?

The name of the company is Transform Consultants and what we do is training and development workshops, promotions, and events management and I’ll explain each one in the short version of it. The training and developing workshop deals with us coming into non-profit organizations, businesses, colleges, universities and faith-based institutions. We also do one on one training on various topics, it could be customer service, time management, group dynamics, leadership development, and the list goes on and on depending on what the clients needs are. The event management piece deals with someone contracting us to do event planning, conferences, bachelor’s parties, weddings, these are just a number of things we can come in and do, depending on what the client needs are. The promotions management piece gets into press releases, promoting an artist or promoting an individual from a public relations standpoint.

AGS: What is your background?

I am an alumni at Rider University. I have a bachelors of arts degree in Liberal Arts and Social science. I am currently working on my Master’s of Divinity degree at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I have 10 plus years of experience in terms of corporations, human resources, training, and teaching. I have a corporate background as well as an extensive experience in faith based ministries. I launched my company in March of 2000.

AGS: What is the motivation behind launching your business?

Well, I kind of just looked at my skill set and saw the different things I'm capable of doing. I think its very important for people stay in your lane. Like I tell people all the time: What is your passion? What is the lane that you think that you have been called and put on the earth to do? So, my passion is one motivating and encouraging people to take their skill set and take what they have currently and take it to another level. 

In terms of planning and coordinating events, and promotions, I kind of took a liking from my dad who had his own business some years ago in the travel industry and so kind of watched his from afar and saw how he went after things and did some things in terms of planning events travel arrangements, hotel arrangements and trips. I kind of take after my father, he had a traveling business, it kind of pushed me in the direction of starting my own business.

AGS: Where did you get the name for your business from? Is there a story behind the name?

Yeah, there is because if you look at the word, 'transform' that word means something that develops into something. That could be the training piece. We go in and take individuals and we try to transform them in being better leaders, better corporate managers and being effective in society. When it comes to events and promotions, you're developing something from scratch and developing it.

If you ever saw my logo,you know my logo is a formulation of a tree. there’s a tree on it and eventually that tree is going to produce some leaves. So as the weather breaks you'll see all the leaves blossom, that’s the connection with transform.

AGS: Where there any challenges in launching your business? If so, how did you overcome those challenges?

I would say yeah because when you’re trying to launch a new vision , you really have to prove for people that you're trying to get business from that you can do the job with excellence and turn projects around, when you say you can turn them around, and most importantly, what I see today is some companies taking your money but they are not producing and do half jobs. So, it kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. All of my clients know that I always perform with excellence , and sometimes I go above and beyond with certain clients. You want repeat business and also want people to refer you to other people.

AGS: Do you have any interesting clients or stories that you came across in running your business?

Definitely, that's happened on a couple of occasions, one client I had, the relationship, from a business standpoint, had to kind of sever because it was a situation where I was producing the work, but was not getting paid.  I really try to work with clients when payments are due. But in this case, we had this big client that we produced the work for, but when it got down to the nutshell, they really didn't have the money in place when they should have had the money in place. I had to sever those ties because my thing is if I'm working for you and producing, I expect to get paid in a timely manner. If payment is not rendered, all work stops, it just ceases until you're able to do that [make payment] or we discontinue the project altogether. That's why we always ask for a retainer down and that retainer is not refundable. If we didn't do that, we would be losing money. There was a situation where I had to just sever ties. It was never restarted. I was very disappointed with that  because when you contract somebody and tell them verbally then also in black and white, that we cannot do it because no payment was rendered for our consulting service.

AGS: How do you advertise or promote what you do?

Well, in the past, I did a little bit of stuff in the newspaper and we also have done brochures that I put out there. We did have a website done,we're in the midst of redoing the website. But in the meanwhile, we have a brand new brochure that we send out to potential clients. If people are interested, I usually have a conference call with them and get things started this way.

AGS: Being that you’re an entrepreneur yourself, what tips if any, would you give to an up and coming entrepreneur that wants to be successful as well?

The first thing I would tell them is research, research, research, make sure that the business is lucrative, I would also suggest that you really get know who your competitors are around you. Meet with people that are currently in the industry, do cold calling with people that are in the industry currently.

AGS is an acronym that stands for the author and founder of Anwar's Reflections, Anwar G. Salandy

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