Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dr. King & Entrepreneurism

In commemoration of Dr. King's life and legacy, and my recent focus on entrepreneurship, I wanted to take a moment to not only remember a great American, but also to illustrate how Dr. King's life was in my humble opinion, a testament to many of a successful entrepreneur's characteristics or attributes.

Below you will find a list of some of those characteristics:

Dr. King had a fierce sense of urgency, not complacency.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King didn't sit idly by whenever he saw an injustice. During the Civil Rights Movement, he took a stand and got involved with a fierce sense of urgency.

Indeed, he organized others, made speeches, and conducted all sorts of rallies. Like Dr. King, it is important for entrepreneurs to act with a sense of urgency when it comes to finding a need in the marketplace and filling it with their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Real entrepreneurs take day to day steps to get their small business venture off the ground whether it be doing market research on what needs are not being met in the marketplace or whether it is developing a business plan, entrepreneurs take action.

Dr. King saw opportunities, not obstacles. He focused not on his fears, but on his faith in his vision of a better tomorrow.

Indeed, Dr. King was not deterred by the obstacles he and others in the fight for civil rights faced. He knew that there were going to be naysayers and other individuals that would fight his efforts tooth and nail, but that didn't stop him.

Indeed, Dr. King was driven not by these fears and anxieties but by his deep faith in a better tomorrow. Like Dr. King, entrepreneurs will face obstacles as well. They may face obstacles like not getting the funding or support they need to get their small business venture off the ground. They may encounter obstacles like working long hours and not seeing their friends and family as much as they would like. But true entrepreneurs do not let these obstacles deter them. Real entrepreneurs soldier on despite the obstacles. 

Dr. King had a compelling vision of a better tomorrow.

Despite the grim realities of his era (injustice, war, poverty), Dr. King envisioned a better tomorrow where individual's would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

As entrepreneurs, it is likewise important that we develop a clear and compelling vision for our small business endeavors. To understand how to craft a vision for your small business, ask your self basic questions such as what makes you cry? What makes others cry? What makes you smile? What makes others smile? For more information on crafting a vision, click here

Dr. King was a constant ambassador of his vision for a better tomorrow.

Like any entrepreneur that is worth his or her salt, Dr. King understood the importance of constantly spreading the word about his vision of a better tomorrow through his powerful speeches and eloquent sermons. Everywhere he would go, Dr. King would discuss the importance of his vision of a Beloved Community.

Its equally important for entrepreneurs to constantly share with others their small business vision. Through sharing with others, the aspiring entrepreneur may enlist the help of others who can play vital roles in the success of their small business venture. 

Dr. King kept his eye on his vision despite setbacks and challenges.

Dr. King's was arrested more than 20 times. His home was bombed and yet he kept his focus on his vision of a better tomorrow. I know what you may be saying, most entrepreneurs don't have to deal with their homes being bombed, and I get that, but please don't miss the point I'm making here, which is that no matter what setback you face, the idea is to stay focused on your goal, no matter what.

This is true with entrepreneurism as well. Sure, you may not have got that small business loan from the bank like you wanted, but that should not stop you from continuing to pursue your small business dream. It just means you may have to try an alternative route to your goal. Even though the strategy may change, keep your eye on the prize or ultimate goal of your endeavors.

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