Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Entrepreneurial Focus

For some reason or another, this time of the year, I'm on this whole start your own business, go for dreams type of thing. So, the next couple of blogs will revolve around this concept of focus and how it applies to the world of entrepreneurship.

Indeed, from interviewing different small business owners and studying entrepreneurship as a whole over the years, I have found that being focused is such a fundamental part of being a successful entrepreneur that separating these two ideas would be as unwise as bringing a knife to a gunfight.

As an entrepreneur, if you are not focused, there is a big chance you may miss out different opportunities that could be capitalized on. 

As a case in point, before I started this blog years ago, I noticed that the Trentonian's blog center had business blogs, but they had no blogs specifically for small business in the city of Trenton. So, after observing this, and reflecting on my skill set and research interests, I found it to be a no-brainer to start a blog that would fill this void I noticed. And then Anwar's Reflections was born.

The bottom line here as an entrepreneur, it is critically important that you keep your eyes and ears open for gaps or opportunities in the marketplace you may be able to fill with your knowledge, skills, and abilities. So below are some things you can do to develop an entrepreneur's laser like focus:

Use Google, Use Google, Use Google

Here the idea is to constantly search the Internet to find gaps or opportunities in the marketplace that you may be able to capitalize on. I'm not saying you have to stop 'Googling' who said what on the latest episode of Empire or American Idol.

All I'm saying is that if you're entrepreneurially inclined, its vitally important to set aside a little bit of time during your day to day Googling to see if there any opportunities in the marketplace you can take advantage of. If you need help perusing or surfing the Internet, visit these sites for more information, click here or here

Watch, read, or listen to the news paying particular attention to gaps or opportunities in the marketplace

When taking in your daily dose of what's going on in your world on television, radio, newspaper, or the Internet, don't just pay attention to the latest murder or robbery (unless that's your thing), instead keep your eyes open for different gaps or opportunities in the marketplace.

This could be something as simple as noticing that a group or organization is in need of a service or product that you can bring to the market with your knowledge, skills, and abilities. I can't say it enough, keep your eyes and open. Stay focused.

Talk to your friends,family members, and co-workers about your entrepreneurial interests

While catching up with your friends and family members on the phone, in-person, through social networks, and what have you, set aside a little time to mention your small business idea and where you are at with it.

Your friend or family member may have an idea or suggestion that you never thought of that can point you in the right direction as it relates to kick-starting your small business venture.

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