Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trenton Bookstore Has Hopes To Put 60,000 Books In Kids Homes

TRENTON-- City bookstore aims to put 60,000 books in the hands and homes of Trenton kids.

Eric Maywar, the owner of Classics Bookstore, has entered his Trenton Books at Home Program into a contest to win a $25,000 grant. The grant contest is sponsored by the beverage behemoth Pepsi.

The Trenton Books at Home program provides free books to Trenton kids. For three years, this program has handed out over 2,000 books a year with the help of schools, churches, after school programs and community groups.

To win the Pepsi Refresh contest, the Trenton Books at Home Program needs your vote because the 15 ideas that get the most votes by December 31, 2011, win $25,000 for their cause.

According to a press release, studies show that when kids have books in their homes, whether the kid is struggling or already successful, they do better in school and stay in school longer.

Winning the grant would mean Trenton kids could get over 60,000 books for their homes.

Click here to vote and help raise 60,000+ books for Trenton kids.

Please note: you can vote once a day until December 31st.

Please see video below:

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  1. You can vote once a day, every day until December 31. If you want a daily reminder let me know!