Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You Don't Already Know About GHANDI'S POETRY SPOT, You Might Need A Little GPS

Event Name: Ghandi's Poetry Spot (GPS)
Event Founder: Uganda Prescott aka Ghandi
Event Location: 241 E. Front St., Trenton, NJ
Facebook Page:!/pages/Ghandis-Poetry-Spot/101234173261574
Event Website:
Phone Number: 609-638-3216 or 609-498-0123

If you're in the mood to have a great time and enjoy some positive vibes, then look no further than Ghandi's Poetry Spot (GPS). This bi-weekly event is held every other Friday at Cafe International, located near the Historic Mill Hill District in Trenton. GPS is an open-mic poetry event where everyone is invited to share their gifts and talents. Not only do you get a chance to perform if you are so inclined, you also get to enjoy great food and live music. The energy is positive and the people are great, you are sure to be both entertained and inspired. Ghandi's Poetry Spot is an event you don't want to miss. The founder of GPS, Uganda Prescott, more commonly known as Ghandi, was gracious enough to sit down with Anwar's Reflections and discuss the work he is doing with GPS. Below you will find a copy of the exclusive interview:

AGS: First off, can you tell our listeners out there a little bit about your business?

Well, GPS stands for Ghandi's Poetry Spot. I decided to throw my name in there just to let people know what I'm about. At GPS, we offer you everything from spoken word to live music. Its an open mic affair, so everyone is invited to participate and share their talents and gifts when they come. In the past, we have had violinists, rap artists, R&B singers, and comedians just to name a few. So, its a very eclectic mix. From my personal experience, the people that come always have nothing but positive feedback about their time here at GPS.
AGS: What is your background? Is this the first time you have owned and operated your own business? How long have you been open?

I have some experience with the music industry. I was an A&R for Supreme Alliance for a couple years, but I found that was not my cup of tea. I also have a background in modeling, but soon came to find out that this wasn't my cup of tea either. As the host of GPS, it is interesting because I found that I had no experience with hosting but I'm just a people person. I took those people skills and put in a pot and mixed it with other people's personalities and the outcome was beautiful. People have told me they love the performers, the live band, and the food offered by the Cafe.
In the past, I have actually had two poetry spots.I was running them simultaneously. On Friday's, I was in Burlington and found that people were coming all the way from Trenton to view the show. So, I said why not start something bigger in Trenton. We've been doing Ghandi's Poetry Spot (GPS) for three strong years on a consistent basis.
AGS: What motivated you to start your own business?

Well, I found that the city really needed a spot for poetry. There was really nothing to do in the city with regard to poetry and spoken word. So I thought about the law of supply and demand and said to myself 'why not supply what this city really needs?' The city needs a poetry spot where people share their talents and gifts through an open mic atmosphere. And from that date, GPS has been off and running successfully. It's been a lot of fun. Trenton has had some great times and I am confident that we can bring back that feeling.
AGS: Where did the name GPS come from?

I got the concept from the GPS navigation devices we have in our cars. I was thinking if you punch in the address 241 E. Front Street its going to bring you directly to the poetry spot, so I said let's name it GPS.

AGS: In your own words, what makes GPS (Ghandi's Poetry Spot) unique?

I think its definitely the vibe, there is a certain vibe, a certain energy to GPS (Ghandi's Poetry Spot). There's an almost homey feeling to GPS. We have a live band, delicious food, everything that makes for a good time on a Friday night. I think Trenton has a black eye, but I don't think Trenton deserves that black eye, there's a lot of beautiful things going on in the city. We offer the GPS every other Friday at Cafe International located on Front Street.

From my personal experience, I think the colorful mix of performers also makes you guys very interesting and unique as well. The GPS shows that there is a rich diversity of talent here in Trenton. Another great thing about GPS is that people from outside the city come to share their talents and enjoy the show.
AGS: Did you face any challenges when launching your business? If so, how did you overcome those challenges?

Trenton had a black eye for a long time. Some people think Trenton is nothing but trouble. As a matter of fact, a local defense attorney by the name of Robin Lord said, that the city has a bad case of 'gangaphobia' where everyone is afraid to come to the city due to gangs and crime. I think getting people to overcome that fear of coming to the city was a major hurdle, but I assure each and everyone out there that GPS is a safe show to go to. The cafe is well secured. Zero Tolerance Security does our security, and our establishment is very safe. They have been very helpful in making our customers feel safe and secure while at our show.
AGS: How do you advertise or promote your business?

A great deal of our advertising and promotion comes through people sharing their experience through word of mouth. However, we also have a street team that hands out fliers and posts them up at various establishments to get the word out about what GPS is doing.
AGS: Have you taken advantage of internet marketing at all? If so, how effective do you think this advertising method is? If not, how interested are you in learning more about internet marketing?

I have a 14 year old daughter that is a wiz with the computer. I'm not the greatest with the PC, but I think with the right team, anything can pop off and be successful. So, I would definitely like to explore internet marketing further. We do have a Facebook page and have found that it has been helpful in getting the word out about upcoming GPS events.
AGS: Being that you're an entrepreneur yourself, what advice, if any, would you give an up and coming entrepreneur that wants to succeed?

Make sure your heart is in it. Make sure you are consistent. We have been running GPS for three years strong on a consistent basis. So the idea is no matter what obstacles come your way, stay consistent. Keep your eye on the prize.

AGS: Will you give us another interview one from now so we can follow upon your progress?


Thank you very much for your time.

AGS is an acronym for the author and founder of Anwar's Reflections, Anwar G. Salandy.


  1. Polo, thanks for checking out the blog and offering support. I'm going to hit you up Monday so we can talk more about that interview. Have a good weekend brotha.

  2. I performed at Ghandi's for an Eric Jackson fundraiser and he gave me a card saying my money is no good there, I have been too busy to return and give another performance. I will try to make the time in February....great post Anwar!

  3. Robert,

    Thanks for checking out the interview and offering your support. I didn't know you performed at the Cafe, what kind of performances do you do (spoken word, poetry, rap, R&B etc)?