Monday, January 14, 2013

Anwar's Reflections Says Show Must Go On After Thief Makes Off With Empty Laptop Bag

TRENTON-- As the city of Trenton as a whole grapples with crime and other social problems, I too have my own story of misfortune.

This evening my car was broken into. The unknowing criminal made off with a black computer bag filled not with a laptop, but with used library books, pens, and an old notebook (my PC is in the shop getting repaired).

What makes this story more unique is that the incident occurred in the heart of Downtown Trenton, just steps away from the State House, who would've thought???

Needless to say a police report will have to be filed and a broken rear  window will need to be replaced. Now granted, I should not have had my laptop bag in the back seat visible to the naked eye and things could be worse (I could have been physically harmed), but as I type this blog from my cell phone, I say to myself, what does this isolated incident say about the overall state of affairs in the city of Trenton.

Indeed, it seems as though poverty is a very real thing here in the state's capitol. Along with this poverty comes its constant companions, i.e. drug abuse and crime. In this particular climate, it seems as though the old saying, 'desperate times call for desperate measures' holds true, but nevertheless, there comes a time when one can no longer remain silent about things that matter.

Alas, the question becomes: where do we go from here as a city: chaos or community? Lo and behold, it seems as though it is just these sorts of unfortunate events that make me want to bring different members of the community together all the more and have a real discussion about where we go from here.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "now is not the time to cool off" and return to business as usual. Rather, now is the time to take positive action and talk about things we can control. Now is the time to speak about service and solutions.

Are you with me? Will you join this conversation?

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